A Private Getaway Just a Sea Away

The Sea is a mighty temptress. Here in Birun Hotel amidst the majestic Sea of Marmara, we celebrate life in harmony.

Turn your gaze to the endless blue and fill your lungs with the fresh salty smell of it. Open your heart and soul to nature's symphony, the sounds of the seagulls, and the rhythm of the crashing waves on the rocks. Be part of the Symphony.


We provide transportation to our hotel every day of the week, departing from Bostancı Mavi Marmara Pier at 07:30 in the morning and returning at 17:30 in the evening. Additionally, there are additional trips departing from Bostancı Mavi Marmara Pier at 13:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in addition, boats arriving at the island depart from Eminönü Mavi Marmara Pier at 10:30 and from Kadıköy İDO Pier at 11:00 every weekend. Returning from the island on the weekend takes place with the 16:45 ferry.

A unique discovery at the heart of Marmara, Birun Hotel is a destination without an equal to those who appreciate kind service and warm hospitality.

Birun Hotel provides a one-of-a-kind accommodation experience for the business world with its ideal location outside of Istanbul but just as close.

Outside the city’s hustle and bustle exists a private island where life gets so much simpler.

In Birun Hotel, located on the Democracy and Liberties Island, you will enjoy the breath-taking view of İstanbul’s silhouette and Prince Islands peeking out of the Sea of Marmara.
In your escape from the busy life awaits you the wonders of the island.
In the inspiring atmosphere of the Birun Hotel, you will come to appreciate life in a different way. You may enjoy a romantic dinner in İstanbul Restaurant overlooking the stunning view of the endless blue and enchanting green or you might indulge yourself in a quiet dinner experience in Fener Restaurant.
Meet the gentle beauty of the island.
While Birun Hotel offers its guests the opportunity to host different events and stay on the island, it also embraces you to fully experience this island that is off-the-beaten-path.