You will enjoy precious moments on your magnificent journey to serenity and live the dreams of sultans and sultanas.

With its options consisting of exceptional therapies and treatments, Akasha Wellness by Birun Hotel, handles every detail carefully so that you can indulge yourself in the tranquality of the island and some of the local experiences like Turkish baths.

In our Akasha Wellness’ minimalist and serene sanctuary inspired by Seljuk architecture and designed in fresh turquois tones you will revel in the peace and solitude of the island

As a place to recharge, our Akasha Wellness welcomes its guests with a vitalizing embrace.

With our couple treatment, you will finally have that precious time to relax and rejuvenate with your significant other.

Our massages that are done with great care will accelerate your blood circulation while decreasing the stress in your body and carry you to the ultimate state of peacefulness and relaxation.

A two-storey area, Akasha Wellness consist of 4 saunas, 4 steam rooms, 2 snow rooms, 2 Turkish baths, and an indoor pool looking directly towards the lighthouse and freshens you up with natural sunlight.

Additionally, our Wellness has 8 individual and 1 couple massage rooms providing exquisite massage therapies.

After you leave Akasha Wellness’s space that balances black and white tones perfected by the the calming sound of water, you will be purified from toxins and feel refreshed with the rituals. Inspired by the gentle beauty of our island, our beauty treatments will complement your skin. Treat yourself to a special day with our custom-made beauty treatments.

With its state-of-the-art equipment, Birun Hotel’s fitness center is open to its guests on 7/24 and provides an opportunity to stay fit while you enjoy your holiday.