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This Cookie Policy (“Policy”); BİRUN ADA OTEL TURİZM A.Ş. It covers the websites operated by (“Company”); It contains explanations regarding the Company's use of cookies. By using our site, you consent to the use of cookies as set out in this Policy.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files created on your device by a website and contain data in name-value format. Cookies enable the website you visit to store information on your device and use this information during subsequent visits. Cookies created by a website are stored by the web browser you use to access the site; The information contained in these cookies can only be accessed remotely by the websites served under the domain name that created the cookie and if you use the same browser.

Cookies have become an important part of web technologies today, and their main functions are to remember the visitor and his preferences and recognize his device; Almost every website uses cookies.

Cookie Types

Cookie Type


Session Cookies

Session cookies are cookies that are valid during your use of the website and remain valid until the web browser is closed.

Persistent Cookies

These cookies are stored in your browser and remain valid until they are deleted by you or until their expiration date.

Mandatory Cookies

These are cookies that are mandatory for the website to function properly and for you to benefit from the site's features and services offered.

Functional and Analytical Cookies

These are cookies that are used for purposes such as remembering your preferences, using the website effectively, optimizing the site to meet your requests, and containing data about how you use the site. Due to their nature, these types of cookies may contain your personal data. For example, cookies that record your site display language preference are functional cookies.

Tracking Cookies

Tracking cookies are primary and third-party cookies created during your visit to our website and third-party domains. These cookies make it possible to track your click and visit history in the domains where they were created and to match these records between different domains. These types of cookies are used for the purpose of recognizing and profiling users, targeting advertising and marketing activities and customizing content. These cookies will not be used to identify you or make decisions about you.

Who Sends Cookies and How?

Cookies are used by *the Company and/or *by third parties if they provide some content such as videos or photographs on the visited page, and through the communication established between the browser on your device (such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and the servers of the above-mentioned organization during your navigation. is sent.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used for many different purposes. For example, cookies are mostly used for the following purposes:

Proper functioning of the website (For example, contents such as text, photographs, links within the website are present in the relevant places)

Providing a more personalized and interesting experience for visitors (For example, offering services specific to your preferences)

Developing and optimizing the website (for example, making the pages that contain errors or are not preferred operational) and

Remembering visitors' preferences (For example, the information you enter when logging into our website, language and other preferences)

How is the Information Received from Your Device Used?

We use the contents of the articles, announcements and other tabs on our website for statistical purposes by anonymizing the click frequency and usage data regarding the pages visited during your visits. You do not have to accept cookies to use our website, but in this case the quality of your user experience may decrease. You can delete or block cookies, but in this case our website may not work as it should. We do not use the data we collect through cookies to identify you. Cookies are not used for purposes other than those specified in this Policy and are not processed in violation of data protection legislation.